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Empower Your Child’s Chess Journey with Professional Online Coaching from Expert Chess Trainers

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Experience the magic of chess with our free demo class designed exclusively for kids under 14! Unlock the endless benefits of this ancient game as it enhances critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and strategic planning. Our interactive sessions, led by experienced coaches, ensure a fun and engaging environment for young minds to explore the fascinating world of chess. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite a lifelong passion for the game. Sign up for our free demo class today and let your child’s chess journey begin!


Engaging and Interactive Learning.


Develops Critical Skills.


Ignites Lifelong Passion.

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Benefits of Online Chess Coaching

“Convenience and Flexibility: Learn Anytime, Anywhere”
“Personalized Learning: Tailored to Your Skill Level and Goals”
“Expert Guidance: Learn from Experienced Coaches”
“Track Record of Success: Hear from Our Satisfied Students”

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    Chess Curriculum

    1) Chess Fundamentals: Lay the Foundation for Success

    Learning outcome
    Develop a solid understanding of chess rules, basic tactics, and fundamental strategies.

    Duration : 6 Months

    2) Chess Mastery Level 1: Building Strategies and Tactics

    Learning outcome
    Gain proficiency in advanced tactics, positional concepts, and opening principles.

    Duration : 6 Months

    3) Chess Mastery Level 2: Advanced Techniques and Positional Play

    Learning outcome
     Acquire expertise in complex middlegame strategies, endgame techniques, and tournament-level thinking.

    Duration : 6 Months

    4) Mastering the Endgame and Tournament Tactics

    Learning outcome
    Become a FIDE rated player

    Duration : 6 Months

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